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28th August 2020

August Bank Holiday – The DIY Bank Holiday?

With festivals and events, normally a staple of the August Bank Holiday, cancelled up and down...

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3rd May 2018

How to pack your van for the scrap yard

Tired of making too many trips to the scrapyard when you’ve got a lot of scrap...

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2nd March 2018

How to protect your scrap metal

If your job or project produces a lot of scrap metal it’s important to take the...

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22nd February 2018

Scrap Metal Prices 2017: How Did The Market Change?

The prices of scrap metals are known to fluctuate; adapting and changing to current market conditions...

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28th November 2017

How To Strip Copper Wire For Scrap

The bright copper wire inside copper cables can be a very sought-after material when scrapping and...

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