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UPVC Window frame recycling (currently not buying)

Recycle your old upvc window frames with us and save waste from landfill

Visit our Portsmouth site to weigh in your UPVC window frames and receive a FREE same day payment.


UPVC window frames can be recycled many times without a significant reduction to the quality and can be used to make brand new frames and many other products.

We accept UPVC window frames that are free from glass, wood, and other contaminants (handles are not required to be removed).


We offer a price per tonne on the frames that will be sold onto a larger specialist company, who will then have the UPVC frames recycled.

Other materials will be separated such as iron and rubber seals. This can then be granulated and turned back into brand new window frames.

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H&S Metals are registered waste carriers. We offer a scrap metal collection service to domestic, commercial and construction customers. We are equipped and happy to service both small domestic projects and large-scale commercial undertakings. 

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