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Essential Tools That Every Scrapper Needs

Metal Recycling

If you’re about to undertake a construction, demolition or refurbishment project that will produce scrap, or if you’re a scrapper looking to salvage scrap to sell, there are a number of tools that you have to have.


scrap cables

Basic Tools

Our first tool is actually a collection of tools but we’ve grouped them together because you will need them on hand at all times when scrapping. While they’re all quite simple tools, you never know when you might need them, so make sure to keep them to hand in your tool kit.

The tools needed are: a hammer (so you can knock things out of fittings, or remove nails), a screwdriver (to remove screws from objects), a crowbar (handy for dealing with larger materials), a wrench (to reach things you can’t reach by hand, and removing nuts and bolts), WD-40 (to remove objects from tight spaces, and keep tools in good condition), and a power drill (to remove screws quickly or separate objects).

Wire Stripper

If you’re looking to make money on scrap, one of the best ways to do so is to salvage insulated copper wire and cable. Wire strippers will make extracting that copper from inside the plastic covering much easier. If you’re looking to sell the copper that you collect, why not head to H&S Metals, or check out our Copper Recycling page to find out how much we’re buying copper for.

Magnets and a file

One of the most important pieces of equipment to have while scrapping is a magnet. This simple tool is perfect for identifying materials as ferrous or non-ferrous, which can be very beneficial for figuring out what the metal is. The file is also useful for this task as you can scratch off rust or any coating on a material to find out what is beneath.

Upright hand trolley, straps and a bucket 

Carrying scrap metal can be hard work, especially with the bigger or heavier pieces. That’s why an upright hand trolley can be the perfect piece of equipment to help move your materials around. Also, adding ratchet straps and tightening them across your scrap load can help you keep everything in one place. Similarly, a bucket is a great piece of inexpensive equipment that can help you transport those smaller loads of scrap.

Cordless reciprocating saw

Sometimes large pieces of metal can be a hassle to deal with, whether you want to collect them or get past them. With a reciprocating saw, it’s easy to cut through metals and materials to get at the scrap you want to salvage. This tool also works as a trimming tool to remove blemishes and imperfections that might otherwise reduce the prices of metals you sell for scrap.

If you’re looking to sell any of the scrap you collect with these tools, why not head to H&S Metals? With competitive scrap metal prices and a wide range of materials collected, we guarantee you’ll get the best for what you bring.


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